I thought for sure the last post would be the last post until I got back from RWA National and yapped like a fiend about everything that happened.

But then I went online and I checked my friends’ blogs, and read their new posts, and I was overcome by a wave of love, because I will be seeing my friends in just over 24 hours. I am a happy girl.

That makes me think of some news that came out recently, something to the effect that people are now very isolated and–from what I could gather–going online was blamed for this isolation. I will confess that I didn’t read anything more than the headlines, mainly because the little I saw just baffled me.

If it weren’t for the Internet, I wouldn’t know most of my dearest friends. I wouldn’t have found my community–other writers, especially women writers–and my life would not be as rich as it is. Do I know my immediate physical neighbors? Yes. Do I feel the same connection as I do to my fellow writers? No.

My relationship with my neighbors is fairly superficial; I don’t open up the depths of my mind and heart to them the way I do to my scattered-across-the-country friends. I open up to those I feel will truly understand me, and that’s not how I feel about my neighbors. For the most part, our only point of contact is that we live in the same place, which (for me) isn’t enough compatibility.

Of course, physical proximity does matter. It matters that I can imagine my friend’s faces when I’m e-mailing to them, and it matters that when I read their e-mails to me, I hear their voices in my mind’s ear. I wish we all lived closer to one another (the only way we could be more scattered is if someone lived in Alaska and someone lived in Hawaii), but since we don’t, I treasure the chance to see them when I can.

And now I really do have to pack, so that I have clean clothes when I see my friends once again.


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  1. Cherry Red
    Jul 25, 2006 @ 00:04:00

    I agree with you 100%! I’m shy. If not for the internet I wouldn’t have met so many wonderful friends–most of which I’ve met in person now. I don’t know my neighbors. We’re all so busy and we don’t really have much in common. As you said, I don’t have in depth converations with them like I do my online friends.

    Bon Voyage Katy dear. Have a woderful time in Atlanta!


  2. Brooke
    Aug 01, 2006 @ 11:27:00

    Sing it, sister. I walked into National not quite knowing what to expect, and walked away with three new friends for life, and a feeling of sisterhood with the Cherries. Amazing.


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