Argh… or maybe not

After a while, some annoying things start to become amusing.

For me, anyway.

I love my library. I love it with all the ardor of my bibliophilic soul–all those books, two blocks away. All those books, throughout the whole system, just a mouse click away. And all those DVDs and videotapes and CDs and books on tape…

It’s a smorgasbord.

Right now I have 20 items–books and DVDs on hold. Some of the books and DVDs are checked out. Some are on order and haven’t come in yet. For most of them, there’s a waiting list, so I’m 15th or 20th in line. I can check to see where my requests stand–am I still 15th? Or have I moved up the list to 13th? I can also see when something’s on its way to me–its status changes from “Active” to “Transit Hold”. That means “my” copy has been returned at a branch and will be coming to me shortly.

Shortly generally means within a couple of days.


A book I requested back in June–yes, the system shows when you placed the request–is on Transit Hold. It’s been on Transit Hold for what seems like a couple of weeks now. It’s been at least 10 days now–I thought for sure it would be ready for me before the long weekend.

When it became clear that the book was taking the long way to get to me, my first reaction was annoyance. “Come on, come on, come on, what’s taking so looooongggg???” I was annoyed for a few days.

Now I’m entertained. I’m curious to see how long it’s going to take the book to get to me. Weeks? A month? I’m starting to wonder if the book itself will be a letdown after all the fun I’m having, waiting for it. This kind of feels like a contest–and I’m ferociously competitive–to see who’ll blink first. Will the book arrive first? Or will I break down and call the library to find out what’s going on?

Fortunately for me, I’m not without reading material–I have 25 books out of the library and literally hundreds of my own that I can read. So I think I’m winning this contest.

The book? Rumspringa : to be or not to be Amish by Tom Shachtman


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  1. Cherry Red
    Sep 10, 2006 @ 18:46:00

    HI Katy,

    In transit for that long. How much you wanna bet it’s back on the shlf and it didn’t get scanned when it got to your branch–or to it’s own branch… Ask them to check the shelf.

    Kim, who used to work at a library.


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