Lost in a Fog

I’ve been lost in a fog for the last week or so. I’ve been trying to think what’s kept me so busy I couldn’t post, and I got nuthin’. Well, until today I had nuthin’–today I had a migraine that pretty much devoured the day.

But the rest of the week? Where was I? What was I doing? I’ve been reading Ron Rosenbaum’s The Shakespeare Wars, which, as the subtitle Clashing scholars, public fiascos, palace coups indicates, is (basically) about scholarly arguments and controversies surrounding various aspects of Shakespeare’s work, things like whether or not Shakespeare revised his work, or which of two or more versions of a given play represent Shakespeare’s preference–assuming either does, since all the versions existent are printed versions which may or may not contain a few or more than a few typesetting errors. The book is well-written and lively, and I’m enjoying it, but I’m really only reading it on the bus going home and before I go to bed.

That leaves a lot of time unaccounted for. I’ve been working on a workshop I’m presenting in November, but I mostly do that on the bus going to work, since I’m freshest then. I’m making a lot of progress, too, but still… I haven’t made that many trips to the library–one trip was to pick up the Rosenbaum book and another was to pick up a DVD (HBO’s Elizabeth I, with Helen Mirren as Elizabeth and Jeremy Irons as Leicester). Not that I’ve watched the DVD yet.

I know yesterday afternoon, I watched the Detroit Tigers beat the New York Yankees and advance to the ALCS. It was satisfying, partly because it was the Yankees going down, and partly because it was Detroit–who’d done so well all year long and who’d been abysmal not so long ago. I can’t decide who I want to win the ALCS, the A’s or the Tigers. I will say I will be happy for whichever team it is.

And I’ve been working on a contest I’m coordinating–logging incoming entries, ironing out some judging issues, getting ready to organize judging packets. This is my first year coordinating, so I’ve also been e-mailing the former coordinator every other day with questions. She’s been as patient as time with me, and as far as I can tell, I haven’t asked a stupid question yet. Well, actually I probably have, but such is her class and grace that I feel as if I haven’t.

My best guess is that I’ve just been thinking, and most of the thinking doesn’t necessarily go anywhere and isn’t particularly memorable. Yet, for all the aimless wandering, I think it’s a useful and important kind of thinking, the kind that lays the groundwork for ideas and insights that flower later. Or it’s thinking that’s like basic research: you’re not aiming for anything other than understanding, so you can be surprised and enlightened by what you didn’t set out to find.

Or maybe I’ve just been in a fog.


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