This is probably going to be short, a brief rant about something that annoyed me.

Actually, annoyed is probably too strong for what I’m feeling, a kind of mild, irked, disappointment.

On Saturdays I have lunch with my sister. Today we met a mutual friend at a restaurant that’s usually reliable–not the one the three of us usually go to, but we were all a little weary of the usual, so we went to this other place.

Today’s spot was serving brunch and I let myself be seduced by the Farmer’s Omelette, which has peppers, mushrooms, sausage, and cheddar cheese, and is served open-faced. That’s a pretty big caloric splurge, which is not a bad thing if you enjoy the food.

My hash browns were cold. My sister’s pancakes were cold.

The waiter was intrusive when he was there…which wasn’t nearly often enough.

The whole thing was not at all satisfying, so I feel like I spent too much for too little, wasting the calories. So I’m just a little annoyed.


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  1. Cherry Red
    Feb 03, 2007 @ 22:06:00

    There’s nothing that I hate more than splurging on calories and money and not liking my meal. Grrrr. I’m so with you. Here’s hoping that your next meal out more than makes up for it.


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