Gifts from the Basement

The story I’m currently working on–which I will call “the dragon story” until I come up with a working title I can live with for more than a moment or two–has been a gift from the Girls in the Basement from the get-go. Developing its three-act structure took a couple of days. Creating names for all the characters felt like finding them, not making them up. Every time I’ve been stuck, the Girls have got me unstuck in no more than a day or two. Whatever I’m doing on the surface, they’re always there, in the Basement, working.

I’ve never had a writing experience like this in my life, and I’m thinking I never will again. Because of that, I’m determined to enjoy this as much as possible, to let the magic unfold the way it wants, and to pay attention to the signals I get from below. (The Girls are rarely direct.)

And, when this all stops, when it starts getting really difficult again, I hope I’ll remember that this stretch, when everything came to me so easily, was a true gift from the basement.


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