Wearing You Down

It’s funny, the things that’ll make you feel worn out.

I’m going through a course of physical therapy for my hip, which has been popping and aching for a while now. It’s nothing major–two appointments a week, and some daily exercises to be done at home. The appointments, including the walk to and from the office, take an hour and a half. The exercises take 15 or so minutes a day–5 minutes in the morning, 10 or so at night.

No big deal, right? Well, the thing is, since starting the PT, I’ve been tired, all done by 9:00 PM, and that’s not because I’m getting up so early. I think the added physical activity, as little as it seems, is what’s doing it.

However, if I really think about it, I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve basically added almost five hours of physical activity to my weekly schedule, which more than doubles it. In fact, it almost triples it. So of course I’m tired at the end of the day.


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