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I’ve been tagged by Lady Tess for the Archive Recycle Mememe–basically, look through my archives and recycle a post…

Hmmmm… this is what I came up with, from May of last year:


Well, today the back is better-er. I took something to help with the muscle spasms, and I took NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), and I tried to keep my butt out of my chair, since sitting is one thing that makes my back stiffen up and get hurtful.

There has been much improvement, which means much joy in my neck of the woods.

Under ordinary circumstances, tomorrow morning would be a workout morning, but that ain’t happening. I’ll go in on Saturday when I have my usual appointment with my trainer–I have every confidence she’ll help figure out things I can do that won’t hurt me even more, and might even make me better. (This will be A Good Thing, since I’m pretty sure working out on Tuesday exacerbated whatever it was that was going on back there.)

My friend K. is telling me to get my hip checked out. I suppose I ought to; I forget to mention it when I have my checkup. I have a muscle by my shoulderblade that’ll spasm if you press on it; before I used to work out, it would hurt every now and again. That went on for years–years–before I mentioned it to my doctor.

I kept forgetting.

Other than that, things are good. No writing, nor even thinking about it, but I read something in Stanley Karnow’s Vietnam: A History that helped me understand something about the world of my fantasy–that every society/people has a myth about its origins that has some connection to historical fact, but is not historical fact. This was mentioned in a very non-judgmental, “This is what human beings do” kind of way…and it helped me see how my people, my society, would see the origins of their world in that kind of mythic, heroic, “That was a time when giants walked the earth” kind of way. I know the truth in my head, so it was kind of hard–until this particular moment of reading–to understand emotionally how my characters would see it differently.

But now I do understand.That’s really the best part of writing this particular story: everything I read, however unrelated it may seem (a history of (almost entirely 20th century) Vietnam?), can have bearing on what I’m doing.Which pleases my perpetually digging curiosity no end…


This post jumped out at me because it’s taken me a year, but I finally did get my hip checked out. Like I said last time, I’m getting physical therapy for it (which is really helping). I’m slow, but I eventually learn…

I’m tagging Kim, Cory, and Chris this time…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cherry Red
    Jun 18, 2007 @ 02:04:00

    Ok Miss Katy. Unlike the last tag, I followed through this time:


  2. Tess
    Jun 18, 2007 @ 12:07:00

    Katy – glad to hip is finally starting to get better 🙂

    And interesting where we can find ideas/themes and enlightenment on our writing.


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