This time next week, I will be at RWA National in Dallas. I have two days left at the day gig before I’m on vacation, and I’m as cranky as can be about it. I love my job, I really do–it soaks up all the stuff writing doesn’t absorb. There’s a certain amount of juggling involved, in an administrative kind of way, and I love that stuff. I also love it because I’m good at it. I’m good at the details and I’m good at seeing the big picture.

It’s distracting, trying to get ready for the trip. I have to figure out my wardrobe and then I have to make sure all the pieces are on my packing list. I have to remember to include the bands I use for my physical therapy exercises, because I can’t skip that stuff. I’m also bringing workout clothes because I would like to get to the gym, but that’s much more iffy than the physical therapy stuff.

I’m giving two workshops, so I have to make sure I have my notes organized, up-to-date and printed out. One requires handouts, so I have to print those out. Both the notes and the handouts are on the packing list, because I absolutely do not trust myself to remember them. If I could forget shoes–and I did–I can forget anything.

I have to review and double-check the packing list is complete, because that’s what I’ll rely on Monday night when I’m actually packing.

I also have to update my iPod. Crowded House is releasing a new CD on Tuesday, and I want to dowload it in the morning before I go to the airport. Impatient and greedy, I can’t wait until I get back. I’ve been on a bit of a Neil Finn binge, listening to my favorite tracks from his two solo albums and the live 7 Worlds Collide.

I’m bringing paper with me and I’m going to try to work a little bit on the dragon story. I don’t know how much I’ll do, but the dragon is starting to come to life in my head and I want to start writing down what I know while it’s fresh in my mind.

I’m ready to do all that stuff…but it’s only Wednesday. All fired up and nowhere to go, that’s me.


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