Love Those Commercials

I don’t watch that many commercials–I’m a fan of clicking away from them. However, I’ve seen a couple of them lately that I really enjoy.

In the commercials, a slightly disreputable person approaches a stranger in a public place and asks the stranger for his or her help with a money issue, promising a giant payment if the stranger helps. All the person needs is the stranger’s bank information to deposit the reward.

I’m a little fuzzy on the details–the appeals are essentially the text of scamming e-mails that have gone ’round the internet for years…and which still claim victims. The reason I love the commercials is that the stranger catches on, pulls away from the disreputable person, and then the voiceover says something like, “Doesn’t sound so good in person, does it?”

For once, the voiceover isn’t an exaggeration. The shadiness of the proposition, the weird unlikeliness of it, is clearer when you have a person saying it.

So, today, those are my favorite commercials.


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