Sometimes A Great Notion

When your car is piled high with snow, it’s hard to make yourself get up in the dark to go to the gym. Well, it’s hard to make yourself get up in the dark to go to the gym in general; the snow is just a bit of additional de-motivation.

That was my situation this morning. My bedroom was cool, but my bed was toasty; outside it was really cold, and my bed was really toasty. So I couldn’t get my little self to the gym first thing this morning. Then, when I got out of bed, I still didn’t want to trundle off to the gym.
Fortunately, over the last five or six months, I’ve built up a tiny collection of free weights, enough to give myself a reasonable small-muscle (biceps, triceps, shoulders) workout.

My trainer groups things, working pairs of areas. The pairs change, so sometimes it’s front of body (biceps and chest) one workout, then back of body (back and triceps) the next. Sometimes it’s pushing (chest and triceps), then pulling (back and biceps). Right now, we’re on a big muscle (chest and back)/small muscle (bicep and tricep) cycle, and today was a small muscle day.

So what did I do? Worked out in the comfort of my own home.

If I hadn’t bought my few free weights I wouldn’t have been able to do it. But sometimes you get a good idea, you execute it…and it continues to pay off for a long time.


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