Another year gone by

Well, here it is, December 31 once again. I looked at last year’s December 31 post and re-read all the things I intended to get done this year…and none of them got done.

I started to say “that’s the bad news” but I balked–I don’t think of it as bad news. The story that was going to be done by the end of January because it was no more than a novella, a story 30-40 pages long, wouldn’t stop growing, until now I think it might run 250-300 pages. How did that happen? Basically, I kept digging into it, trying to understand the world of its setting. I’ve worked on it all year long, when life didn’t kidnap me, and it’s really come together.

Some things I planned on doing didn’t happen–I didn’t actually do anything concrete on the school front, though I did find a nearby school that offers an undergraduate degree in religious studies. That’s the option I want to explore (though it baffles the beloved).

Other things that I didn’t plan on did occur–my two other blogs. Somewhere along the line, I decided it made sense to divvy up my thought processes, that I shouldn’t have a mishmash of stuff going on. So I have the writing blog for my writing life, a reading blog for what I’m reading, and this place for everything else.

So where do I want to be this time next year? I really want a finished book under my belt. I really want to come to the end of a story I wrote, and know it’s done. (Yeah, it’ll have to be revised, but that’s small potatoes, relatively speaking.)

Other than that, things are good. I think I’ve finally found balance on the weight front–I gained a little weight over the holidays but I haven’t wigged out about it: at long last, I know I’ll take it off again. Exercise has been spotty and a struggle, but I’ll get that back on track. I have a haircut I dislike, but I’ll get that fixed; at least I love the color.

Do I feel like I’ve come far this past year? Not really, but I suppose I must have if I can gain a little weight and get iffy on going to the gym without freaking out and beating myself up. That’s actually pretty huge…but I also think I’ve been moving toward this moment in tiny little steps, so it doesn’t feel like a huge change.

So something that I struggled with for a long time is less of a struggle, maybe no struggle at all. I wish that for everyone: that the struggles stop being such struggles.

Happy New Year.


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  1. Cherry Red
    Jan 06, 2008 @ 05:35:00

    Happy New Year, Katy!

    I can’t believe I’ve been AWOL from your blog for so long. I did the same thing you did, looked back over last year’s resolutions and mulled it all over. SOme stuff I accompished and some stuff I didn’t (mostly in the writing front), but I’ve decided not to beat myself up over it. I expect you to do the same, my dear.

    2008 is a new beginning. We’ll do better this year.

    Kim 🙂


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