I’m struggling a bit these days. Although it was less than a week ago, it seems like ages and ages since I wrote more than 200 words. Part of it might be that since that 1k day, my daily average has been about 200 words, or less than a page.

I know why I’m struggling: this is pretty much the midpoint of the story, and I’m stuck between wanting it to have enough oomph and not having any ideas — not one — for putting more oomph in. I’m worried that Ilsabet’s sojourn in Narthé’s aerie won’t seem nearly traumatic enough, but I’m not sure I can make it more traumatic without violating both characters. Initially, my thought was that she’d be in the aerie for a few days, but I can’t think how to write that without it being as dull as dirt.

The key thing here — and the thing that keeps me going — is that I don’t need to make absolutely sure right now that this is perfect. This is far from being my only chance to get this right. That’s why I think revision is a writer’s best friend — it’s your second, third, or even fourth chance to make your story everything it can be.

As of today, it looks like I’ll finish the first draft around the second week in June. I intend to let it rest for a couple of weeks before starting to look at it for revision — I need to get it out of my head. I might start planning the next story during those weeks — I can’t imagine anything doing a more effective job of cleaning my story palate.


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