Even though I’ve planned out my story, to the point of having a list of scenes to be written, that doesn’t mean it’s set in stone. I can and do make changes as I go along. Yesterday, as I was finishing up what I thought was the midpoint scene, I opened up my scene list to see what was coming next, so I could start imagining it. The next three scenes seemed unnecessary to me, so I cut them, just like that. And then I took a look at the list as a whole to see what my change had done to the structure of my story.

I was very happy with what I found — the change shifted the midpoint to a place that made more sense, and it also shifted the 1/4 and 3/4 mark turning points to scenes that actually turned the story. That’s the thing about being flexible: sometimes it means your story becomes better.

So plan. But be willing to change.


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