Updates, Here and Elsewhere

I’ve been struggling with exercise, food intake and frugality. I’m pretty sure I can’t focus on making sure I write, work out, eat appropriately and not spend money foolishly all at the same time. Something always flaps loose; lately it’s been two things (working out and eating appropriately). All of those things take mental energy and I only have so much to go around. By focusing on writing so intensely, I’ve drawn energy away from other areas.

I’m six days away from meeting a writing goal that I’ve been working towards since January 2, and there’s a reason I need to hit the goal next Friday. So adjusting my writing focus isn’t going to happen for a few days yet. I need to get my eating and my working out under a little more control, so I’ve decided to let myself out of “can’t spend money” mode. This doesn’t mean I’ll go hog-wild; it just means that I’m going to stop telling myself I can’t go shopping. In particular, I need some shoes, so I’ve decided that I’m going to hunt for them and, when I find them, I’m going to bag them then and there.

(I don’t need the shoes the way I need food, water and oxygen; I need them the way you need something that will make your life easier and your feet more comfortable. If I don’t find what I’m looking for, I have less attractive or less comfortable alternatives; I’d just rather not use the alternatives if I don’t really have to.)

And that’s where I am/where I’ve been.


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