Just a Little Reading: October 19, 2008

After last night’s baseball game, I still read — I couldn’t help myself, and I knew I could sleep in. Which I did, and I also spent about an hour in bed, just lolling about, enjoying the contrast between my cool bedroom and my perfectly toasty bed. I also read during the game — between inning halves, and during the lengthy delay while they figured out what was up with the home plate umpire. It helped me stay calm(ish), lowering my stress levels. (The beloved says, “It’s just a game,” and he’s right, but I still get wound up.)

I’ve done something like this all my life, used reading as a way to manage my emotions and to put mental space between me and a stressful situation.

So I think I’ll go get Longfellow, and read in between innings, and try not to get too wound up.


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