November 13, 2008: Some Random Thoughts While Waiting for the Bus

Day by day, it’s getting colder in Boston. A few nights last week, I was almost shivering as I stood at the stop. So I loaded a little wool beret in my bag. I wore it tonight, the coldest night yet, and felt much warmer than I have. It’s amazing what a difference just a hat makes.


A woman in red suede, stiletto-heeled boots, black lace tights and a black dress rode away on a bike that had been chained to the bus stop sign. After she unlocked the bike, she put on a down car coat and her helmet, and put her purse in the deep wire basket hanging from the handlebars. Then she got on the bike and rode away. The thing that surprised me was the boots and that only because I thought the curved soles and sharp heels would be tough on the pedals, hard to manage. 


The first song on my iPod was INXS’s “Disappear,” one of my all-time favorites. Hearing Michael Hutchence’s voice made sad all over again about his stupid, pointless death.


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