December 1, 2008: New Kinds of Difficulty

Revising the second scene creeps along at a snail’s pace. I knew revising the scene by putting myself in Mr. Enser’s head wouldn’t be easy, but I had no idea it would be as tough as it is. It takes tremendous focus, because I can’t simply get into a Mr. Enser groove and scribble away. instead, I have to get my head into his, where he is in that moment, figure out how he responds to the last thing Ilsabet has said and done, and then write it.

Then I have to get out of Mr. Enser’s head, into lsabet’s, and feel her reaction to Mr. Enser’s response, then write whatever that reaction is.

Basically, I’m playing a tennis match from both sides of the net, as two completely different players; first I’m Agassi, then Sampras, then Agassi, then Sampras — and every time I’m either of them, I become that player, getting myself into his body and consciousness.

I hope the result is worth the effort.


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