December 2, 2008: Cool But Annoying

The other day I put a note about the second scene at the top of the version from Mr. Enser’s perspective. I used a different font, so it would stand out, and when I printed the scene, the font looked like the one Ace uses for Patricia McKillip’s books.

That got me thinking. I set up the second scene to look like a book — using the McKillip-like font, justifying the paragraphs, and printing it out two pages per sheet — and then I read it.

The cool thing was that I literally saw the scene in a new way. It’s amazing how much difference it makes when the scene looks like an actual book. Stuff I hadn’t seen before jumped out at me.

The annoying thing is how much stuff there is, and how much work it needs. But I’m still glad, because I feel like I’m getting somewhere.


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