January 7, 2008: I Hab a Co’d

This morning I woke up with a brutal sore throat and an achy body, the opening salvo of a cold. Tonight my throat much less sore, I’m much less achy, but there’s kind of a scratchy sensation in my upper bronchial passages that suggests the cold is heading there. And my nose is running like crazy.


This is the second cold I’ve had in the last four months, after years of going without one. This is annoying on so many levels. The nice thing is that it’s an excuse to read in bed.

Which brings me to this: I’m going to participate in a challenge this year, Literary Escapism’s New Author Challenge. I’m going to try to read 25 new-to-me authors between January 1 and December 31, 2009. I’ve already read two this year; I’ll post reviews of both books (His Excellency: George Washington by Joseph Ellis and Case Histories by Kate Atkinson) when I’m feeling better.


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