January 18, 2009: Mapping

It snowed today, snowed quite a lot, so I stayed home and mostly stayed inside. I did go out to brush off my car before the snow piled too high, but other than that, inside cat all day long.

I kind of watched the NFC championship game — I wanted Philadelphia to win, but it was not to be — and I’m kind of watching the AFC championship game without being sure who I want to win. I think Pittsburgh, but I’m not sure.

Mostly what I did was work on mapping Kerlis’s character. I did it by hand, using all my colored markers and my special marker pad. I don’t have a scanner, so I can’t show you what it looks like. What I can tell you is that is shows that boy is a mess. Until I map Narthé, I won’t be sure, but right now, this makes Kerlis the most interesting character in the story

After I finished mapping Kerlis, I started working on the scene where Kerlis sees Ilsabet for the first time, laying out the steps in the dance between them. That helps me imagine the scene, which then makes it possible to write it. The cool thing is, now that I know what Kerlis wants, it all flows so much more easily.


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