February 1, 2009: Once More with Software

One result of my massive whine this week is the realization I really need something to manage all the information that goes with this frakking mastodon of a novel. So I’m poking around with software again. Right now, I’m looking at three things: yWrite5; Writer’s Cafe and PowerWriter / Power Structure.

I know what I need: something to manage everything I know about the story, from scenes to research to random notes. I think all of them will do that; it’s just a matter of figuring out what suits me best.

There’s also Chapter by Chapter, freeware that will manage the text of the novel in Word, allowing me to add and rearrange scenes without having to do a lot of search, select, cut and paste. That kind of leaves me out in the cold when it comes to tracking information; the other programs will allow me to make notes about scenes that are right there.

I might devote this week to figuring this out. I can only do it at night, so that kind of limits my options. Still, this is such a giant beast of a story that spending time trying to figure out how to manage isn’t really spending time. It’s more like investing time.


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