February 3, 2009: The Right Answer

Has this ever happened to you? An insight blooms in your head, the kind of insight that rearranges your thinking so that you see things in a whole new way. The insight develops to the point you can put it into words, and when you do, you realize that this is something you’ve known all along.

That happened to me today. I was considering software, thinking about yWriter 5 and Writer’s Cafe, and what I think and feel about both of them, observing the way I feel badly already for the one I won’t choose, even though I don’t know which one it is. As all of this was floating around in my head in a mostly non-verbal cloud, something shifted, and I understood that I’m going to pick the package that best meets my needs, but that decision isn’t a judgment about the quality of either option. What I want doesn’t make one package objectively better or worse than the other; all it does is make one package better or worse for me.

As soon as this idea coalesced into words, I recognized it; it’s something I’ve known in an abstract sort of way for a long time. Now I know it concretely.


As of this writing — before I do tonight’s tests — Writer’s Cafe has a slight edge over yWriter in terms of preference and it’s over something relatively small. When you’re in Storylines, you can have a scene list to the left and what’s effectively a storyboard at the bottom of the screen. The windows are easily re-sized, so you can have things appear the way you like them to. As I recall, yWriter handles things differently and I’m not sure the way yWriter does things is going to suit my head as well. But that’s the point of testing: to find these things out.


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