February 4, 2009: Go Figure

Well, I played with yWriter 5 last night, and I played some more with Writer’s Cafe, and the upshot is I still don’t know which program I’m going to end up using, but I know I’m going to be using one of them. Playing around with both packages showed me the story is structurally a mess — big surprise there — but both packages offer me a way to fix it without having to hold the details of the whole thing in my head.

I think I might have talked about this before, but one of the responsibilities of my day job is to move large groups of people from one part of the facility to another. (Or to move them while they rearrange in their existing space.) A “large group” is anywhere from 20 to 200 people, and they get moved in the space of a single night. It’s a largish undertaking but I love doing it — I love the combination of big picture and small detail.

Writing a novel is the same way; you have the big picture of plot and theme, and you have the details of scene, setting, characterization, etc. What both software packages seem to be able to do is let me see the story from both perspectives — far enough away to see the whole thing; clsoe enough to actually write it.

I’m very excited by this. Whatever I end up doing, it’s going to be fab.


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