February 12, 2009: O joy!

I got Writer’s Cafe today. Hurray! Hurray, hurray!

Seriously, I’m very excited; I feel as if a weight has lifted off me, or an obstruction has been removed. I’ve been using the demo version, but it’s limited. Now that I have the full version, I can go to town. I can create a file for the other fantasy, and I can create a third file, one for the romance-that-wouldn’t-die. (It’s a historical that I’ve abandoned and restarted at least three or four times.)

Of course, it turns up when I’m in a weary phase, crashing early on, and studying for an accreditation test. Oy.

But at least I have it for when the fog clears.


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  1. oh
    Feb 18, 2009 @ 19:48:59

    Don’t know what WRiter’s CAFE is but going to look now. Can’t stand it when I’m not current, but when I am on a writing project, everything else (including laundry) falls to the side. Having finished an article, I am giddy ( you know the feeling, no doubt!) and will go check out WC now. Thanks!
    BTW, love Boston and miss my native NYC!


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