February 18, 2009: Baby Steps

I brought my Alphasmart to work with me today so I could do a little writing on the bus. I’m absolutely guaranteed a seat to myself from my end-of-day stop to the next one, so it’s worth carrying my little friend with me. I can keep writing even when the bus is jolting and jouncing along Boston’s rough streets, something that’s not true with pen and paper.

Tonight, I’m drained from studying for an accreditation test — more memorization than I’ve done since Latin — so I’m not actually going to accomplish much in the ten minutes I have. But that’s okay. I don’t have to get great and powerful results from the get-go to know this was a good idea, or that it’s worth repeating. I might not have the mental energy to do much more than write this post, but when I do, I and my tools will be ready.


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