February 22, 2009: Miscellany

I’m really tired of the winter. There have been a few nice-ish days lately that just make me long for spring. I just want to be able to wear my sneakers instead of my boots.


I went to the gym today. Go me. I didn’t want to go — the whole way there, I kept thinking, “I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to do this.” I realized, though, that I don’t actually have to feel any motivation whatsoever to work out. I just have to go do it.

So I did.


I didn’t post anything yesterday because I was grinchy-cranky, and just did not want to whine about that again. It’s still a shock to me to realize that I’m moody, but days like yesterday remind me.


Somehow, I’ve managed to get hooked on “NCIS”. It’s that pernicious USA TV, running marathons. I’ve decided to see if I can’t use the addiction to study story structure again.

A previous addiction helped me learn story structure: the original Law & Order when it ran on A&E, lo these many years ago. It’s the perfect TV show for getting down the basics, since the midpoint of the story couldn’t be any more obvious: It’s the point when the suspect is arrested and the story shifts to the prosecution side of things. Once you know that, it’s just a matter for looking for the other two turning points, one during the investigation and one during the trial.

You watch enough episodes, the shape works its way into your subconscious.


Just some thoughts on a gloomy Sunday…


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