February 23, 2009: Technophilia, Round Two

Okay, I’m over the netbook thing, mainly because it’s been shouldered aside by another source of frustration.

A few years ago, I downsized my daily planner and started carrying it in my purse. I was tired of maintaining two calendars, one for work and one for home; it just seemed silly to me, especially when there’s overlap.

The problem with this is that it means I need a purse big enough for the planner and my glases and my cell phone and my wallet and my pens and my…

Well, you get the idea.

So now I’m struggling with the desire for a smartphone. I don’t really care about e-mail or web-browsing; it’s mostly that I want a phone with a calendar whose contents show up when I open the phone, so I can just see that I have a couple of appojntments tomorrow. I also want a QWERTY keyboard of one kind or another; typing words on a numeric keypad is a pain in the neck.

One thing feeding my hunger is that my current cellphone contract is nearly up, so if I’m going to upgrade, now’s the time. The thing that makes this a struggle instead of a slam-dunk is that I don’t actually need a new phone. The one I have works just fine — it makes and receives calls nicely, thankyouverymuch. If I don’t need it, why spend the money?

It’s just that I’m tired of having to carry a purse big enough for my planner, which is 2″ thick. (I could buy another binder for it, but that would be spending money, which kind of defeats the purpose of not changing phones.)

I could start carrying my work Blackberry around with me, but I don’t want to load all my personal stuff into a device I’ll have to give back when I leave my job (which I don’t plan on doing, but still…).

I don’t know what I’m ultimately going to decide, but I’m thinking my first plan of action should be to look into phones, plans and pricing. Things might be so expensive I get completely turned off…or they might be reasonable enough that this really is a slam-dunk.

Information: A girl’s best friend.


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