March 3, 2009: Prepared

In just over three weeks, I will be attending the New England Chapter RWA’s annual conference. Because Dragonfly isn’t finished, isn’t anywhere near to being finished, I didn’t request an agent/editor appointment, but I still want to have a pithy description of the story at my fingertips in case anyone asks. I’m having trouble with it — I have yet to come up with something that’s short, roughly a single sentence, that isn’t also bland and generic.

Part of what’s going on is that Dragonfly is in the family of stories that involve a protagonist whose mysterious destiny changes the world. Traditionally, the mysterious destiny either involves finding an object that restores the realm, or discovering the that the protagonist is the lost heir to the realm who then topples the evil usurper. My protagonist’s mysterious destiny doesn’t involve either of those things, but explaining that difference seems to require explaining the metaphysics of this world, and that takes rather more than a sentence.

I’ll keep struggling with this because having a short intriguing description of my story at my fingertips is so valuable that it’s worth the maddening, frustrating effort. If I have it, any time anyone asks about the story, I’ll be ready. And you never know where that might lead.


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