March 11, 2009: Pith

Last week, I talked about trying to find a short, pithy description of Dragonfly that didn’t make it sound like just one more fantasy about a group of friends who undertake a quest to save the world. I don’t want my story to sound like that not only because that story has been done to death, but also because my story isn’t anything like that.

Today I threw myself on the mercy of my writing friends, mostly because I knew they would ask questions and offer ideas that would pry me out of the box I’d trapped myself in. My faith was completely justified; my friends helped me to ask myself what the focal point of the story is? I answered, “The world is transformed.” That prompted the question, how is this story different than all the other ‘the world is transformed’ stories?

I wrote down the things that happen in the story, and from that, I got a rough paragraph:

A woman who longs to be anonymous and ordinary transforms into something unexpected and extraordinary. In transforming, she changes the world. Aristocrats become democrats; a prince passes through madness to become a prophet; holy dragons become human beings. When the dust settles, nothing on earth or in heaven is the same.

It needs work, but I’m on my way.


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