March 31, 2009: Strength of Character

One of the things fueling my productivity is that I’m writing scenes from Ennevel’s point of view (POV). Ennevel is probably the most active, decisive character I’ve ever written; because she acts, she’s easy to write. She has doubts and fears, but they don’t get in her way.

The more I write her, the more concerned I become she’s overshadowing everyone else. Blessedly, my internal response seems to be “Learn from this,” instead of “Oh no oh no oh no, I’m screwing this up.”

It’s pretty clear to me that this is yet another way BSG has influenced me. There’s nothing new about any of the things I’ve learned watching the show; I’ve known almost all of it all along. The big difference is that now I’m applying it all without thinking about it. The characters on BSG act; that action is moving into my story.

Now I just need to spread the active love to the rest of my POV characters.


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