April 6, 2009: Sticking Point

I’m stuck.

I’ve written all the scenes that muscled their way into my imagination, clamoring to be written. I’ve revised everything I can revise, deployed every idea I’ve had.

Now I have nothing. The cupboard is bare.

I printed out a scene that I’m not sure about. I know most of it is wrong, but I have no idea what should replace everything I’m cutting. When I try to think of it, my brain makes a noise like, “Ugh,” then says, “I’m too tired.”

I don’t know why it’s doing that. I slept well and I slept enough. Work was reasonable. I went to the library, so I got a little exercise and fresh air.

It’s gruesome with rain, which might be a factor. Another factor might be that I’m trying to do too much. Sometimes — maybe most of the time — it’s better to set myself to solve a small problem than tackle a big one.

Maybe I need to pull out the glittery gel pens and the unlined pad and just write stuff, brainstorming on paper. It’s worked in the past; maybe it’ll work now. Either way, it can’t hurt.


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