April 8, 2009: Housekeeping

Last night, I printed out the whole of Dragonfly, 25k words of it. As I’ve been working on it, I’ve been cutting out the parts I know don’t work with the way the story is now*, after its latest shift, but I decided last night I wanted to make sure that whatever’s left belongs. I’m not entirely sure why, but I think it has something to do with wanting to know where I stand in terms of actual length. I’m aiming for 100k words, and I don’t want to “run over”, freak out, then discover that the overage is due to stuff that doesn’t belong any more. I also think it’s a desire for a clean slate; I don’t want anything that I know now won’t be part of the final draft.

There is a little bit in the current version that doesn’t belong that will need to be trimmed. If I don’t do that tonight — and whether or not I do depends in part whether I end up having to share a seat on the bus — I’ll do it tomorrow. Then I might rest a couple of days. Nothing’s pushing to be written, not urgently. I can feel something coalescing in the depths of my imagination, but it’s still more shapeless than not, a glimmer of an idea, nothing more. Once it comes together, I think it’s going to want out badly and I’ll have an attack of scribbling madness, but for now, things are more quiet than not on the writiing front.

(Of course, given the way things have been working out, the Girls in the Basement will finish up the half-formed scene while I sleep tonight and send it back upstairs to be written down snappy quick.)

* I’ve saved consecutive versions of the story, so nothing deleted is completely lost. It’s just not part of the current version.


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