April 13, 2009: Lots o’ Thoughts

I sometimes think I’m the only extroverted writer on the planet. All my writing friends are introverts, and Mary Jo Putney got a big laugh in luncheon speech she gave at RWA National by saying that she was addressed a room full of introverts pretending to be extroverts.

I’m cool with this — I am who I am.

That being said, my extraversion doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the fabulous advice at Shrinking Violets Promotions. If you’re an introvert and the thought of self-promotion makes you break out in hives, check the Violets out.

One of the Violets is my very dear friend Robin (who you might recognize from occasional comments here). She’s got some great things to say in her blog about voice and characterization — the posts start here.


Despite spending the day at my sister-in-law’s most of yesterday, I was able to get some writing done, and then I spent my lunch break scribbling. I wrote close to 1000 words, which makes me happy. I’m a little concerned that I forced the ending of the scene, but I can let that go for now. I’m not putting much effort right now into transitions, openings and endings. If I have it, I write it; if I don’t, I move on. I can fix it later if I need to.

I’m actually kind of surprised I got that much done. It felt like I was dragging the words out, and that generally results in a lot of effort for very little result. Also, that’s different than a few weeks ago, when the words poured out of me because the scenes were so vivid in my imagination. It was just a matter of capturing things before they disappeared.


I was selfish on the bus tonight. Normally, I heap all my stuff on my lap — purse and bag containing library books and lunch box on top of the laptop case I keep my Alphasmart in — but tonight I really didn’t feel like sharing. I feel kind of guilty about that, but I’m thinking it’s a guilt-trip looking for a reason: earlier today I was feeling guilty for missing a workout I haven’t missed yet. In reality, I never barricade the seat beside me. In four years of riding the bus, I think this is the first time. So I think I’m allowed, especially since I’m not the only one sitting by herself; the bus isn’t that crowded.

And since I have the seat to myself, I expect I ought to make use of it. I wonder how much more I can write in the next half hour.


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