April 19, 2009: ‘Xhausted, But Score!

It’s semi-entertaining, the spam you get when you talk about tech stuff.

I’m so tired, and I don’t even know why. I slept in, worked out, went for a drive with the beloved that ended with the two of us upgrading our cell phones (which completely satisfied my hunger for a new shiny), came home, made supper, wrote 500 words. That somehow doesn’t seem like enough for the degree of stupid-tired I feel.

Whether or not it makes any sense, I really am garble-garble-bleah tired so I’m creeping off to the nest for more sleep, with a view to scribbling a great deal tomorrow. (The Boston Marathon finish line is less than a quarter mile from where I work, which makes commuting more of an adventure than I’m really up for, especially when it’s not absolutely, positively necessary that I be there tomorrow. So I took a vacation day. The way I see it, that’s what they give ’em to me for.)


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