April 23, 2009: Hiatus

I’m trying to find the point of balance in my life between writing and working out. Either I work out consistently, and don’t write much, or I write consistently and struggle with the workouts. I know this because I’ve done both — I had a few years when I worked out regularly and didn’t write a lick, and now I’m in a period when I’m writing like a fiend and not getting to the gym. My bus leaves earlier, which means I have to get up earlier, and that’s complicating everything, but still, I think the one-or-the-other thing is real.

I also think that writing this blog and my other online activities are draining my batteries a bit. So I’m going to cut back, and go on a bit of a hiatus.


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  1. Robin
    Apr 24, 2009 @ 00:08:14

    We’ll miss you, Katy! However, I have to admit, after being forced off the computer for the last week because mine crashed, I was shocked at how many more hours I had in the day! Here’s hoping all of your newfound hours go to writing and working out!


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