Spectator Sports

Growing up, I almost never played organized sports — I didn’t like them, I wasn’t good at them, and my exposure tended to happen at school, where they’re ruthless if you’re not particularly good at something. Supposedly, you learn a lot of important life lessons, playing team sports, lessons I missed out on.

That was then, this is now.

As I’ve mentioned before, I learn stuff from watching professional sports, things I can (and do) apply to my life. This week’s lesson — courtesy of the Boston Celtics and Red Sox, and the Quail Hollow golf championship —  is to put yesterday’s game or the last hole behind me and move on. I’m applying that to working out, and having to start over with Club 50. It’s done; move on.

I’ve also applied it to my writing. I have a bad writing day? Move on, focus on the next.

This is all just a reminder to be in the moment, to be here, now. That’s all we ever have — the past and future are just ideas — we might as well be present.

And now I have to do a little scribbling before trundling off to bed.


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