The other day, my friend Robin talked in a blog post about the blogs she reads regularly. She’s much more disciplined than I am — there are a bunch I read on a regular basis. I thought it might be cool to list a few today, with the idea I’d list more later on. (I don’t want to slight anyone…)

Of course, obviously, Robin’s blog is one of those blogs. She doesn’t post every day, but I check it every day, just in case. She often has interesting, thought-provoking things to say about craft, and if you’re a writer, you should check her out.

She has a second blog with Mary Hershey, Shrinking Violet Promotions: Marketing for Introverts. I’m not actually an introvert, but I still find their tips and ideas (and the tips and ideas of their commenters) immensely valuable.

Justine Larbalestier: I read her blog because I like the way she writes, I like her approach to things, and because she posts every day. Her blog is tempting me to read her books.

The Moody Muses: I’m honored to call the muses my friends, so of course I have to read what they have to say. They’re wise women, and help me know that I’m not alone in wanting to beat my head against the wall sometimes.

Other People’s Emergencies: Random Thoughts of An Urban Paramedic: I don’t remember how I found this blog — I’m pretty sure it was featured on, but I wouldn’t put money on it — but I’m glad I did. The author — who’s anonymous — is calm, sane, thoughtful, and he writes about a life that fascinates me.

Sarah Monette, Elizabeth Bear and Jonquil intimidate the hell out of me — they’re all three so articulate and erudite — but I still enjoy reading what they have to say.

And I’m thinking that’s enough for tonight.


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