Candle Stub

Another day in which I’m a wrung-out rag by 5:00 PM… The difference today is that I know why I’m wiped out. I went  full-tilt, answering questions and resolving issues, from the moment I walked in. And there’s still a pile of stuff to deal with that I didn’t get to. Friday evening, I’m moving ~50 people from point to point, and since they’re moving into each other’s offices and workstations, and they’re on different floors, I need to think this through and come up with a plan of action before the movers turn up at 5:30 Friday afternoon. I was hoping to get to that tomorrow, but now I’m not so sure I’ll be able to while I still have mental energy to burn.


Fortunately, my job isn’t always this demanding and draining. Most of the time, it challenges me without burning my candle to a stub, which is (I think) the perfect balance for me, one that makes scribbling possible. I’m very grateful for that, so I’m not complaining about the rare occasions I have nothing left for the writing side.

It could be worse.


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