More Tired, More Shiny

Another battery-drainer today, though I’m not drained quite to nothing. It amazes me how much energy it takes to focus. That’s mostly what I did today. The really amazing thing to me is that my efforts were all mental, yet I’m physically worn out. And I still have things to do.

Like make supper and do laundry and write today’s 100 or so words: the stuff that’s never done, just done for today.


Why do I still covet a netbook? Why? It’s an annoying mystery. It’s probably the new shiny thing rearing its persistent head.

I was thinking about them again today, and as my mind wandered all over the place, as it usually does, I found myself wondering about a netbook v. an Alphasmart. I wonder if the people I know who bought Alphasmarts 5-6 years ago would have bought a netbook instead, if it had been available. The price difference isn’t huge, and a netbook is as small and light as an Alphasmart Neo. You can do more with a netbook, too; all a Neo really does is capture text. For some people — maybe me among them — that’s actually a selling point. There are no available distractions with a Neo. 

The Neo does have a few advantages over a netbook. One, it’s really durable. I’ve dropped mine a few times, and it hasn’t been in the least bit affected. I’m not sure a netbook could withstand Life with Katy. (My laptop survives because I’m intensely careful of it; I know it’s not terribly durable and I need to be careful.)

Another big advantage is battery life. Most netbooks run about 3 hours between recharges, a little less time than my laptop. The Neo runs on three AA batteries, and those batteries last forever. We’re talking in terms of hundreds of hours, not just single digit hours.

Finally, the Neo has a standard width keyboard. The widest netbooks are almost that wide, but as they say, almost only counts in horseshoes and pitching pennies.

I need to remember those last two points whenever the yen for a netbook gets particularly itchy. Oh, and I already own a Neo, so I don’t have to spend more money.


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