Wicked Cool New Shiny

I’m feeling such love for my new netbook. Part of it is an advanced case of “Wicked cool new shiny!” but part of it is realizing all the things I can do with it. I have a bunch of stuff I want to do that require a PC-like machine, things that the Alphasmart can’t help me with, things I don’t have the time to tackle at night or on the weekends. Things like organizing my saved files so I only have one copy of each, thankyouverymuch, instead of having four and five copies of the same document in different folders on the same memory stick. Organizing those files so I can find them.

I also want to load all my stories into Writer’s Café. I have three half-written tales that I’m going to want to tackle at some point; now I can organize them. I have a two-hour commute every day; why not take advantage of what’s essentially down time?

The one thing I worried about in getting one of these lovely little pups (because of course I’m writing this on the netbook) was coordinating versions of Dragonfly between my laptop and netbook. Turns out I needn’t have worried; you can run WC from a memory stick. So I can go from machine to machine at will. Is that cool, or what?

When I told the beloved about this very cool feature, he expressed his doubts, reminding me that memory sticks fail, out of nowhere. So I’m making sure to back everything up in more than one place. Redundancy is a girl’s best friend, especially a girl who’s lost data before. (Four copies of the same document on one memory stick is not redundancy; it’s a mess.)

All in all, today is a very happy day.


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