Everything Changes

I haven’t quite plumbed the depths of this, perhaps obvious, thought, but I want to write it down anyway. (Sometimes my brain needs it written down before it can really chew on it — I don’t ask why, I just go along for the ride…)

Today my sister told me about a tragedy that’s struck the family of someone she knows. I don’t know the family, but it still made me cry. Later, when I was with my husband, thinking about it, a little voice in my head said (of the family): “Their lives will never be the same.” Which is true enough: this is the kind of thing that breaks a life into two halves, Before and After.

The thing that occurred to me in the wake of that thought, though, is that we go through this all the time, in large ways and in small. Our lives are always changing; things are always happening that mean our lives will never be the same. It’s a dream to think otherwise, to think our lives won’t change and keep on changing until we die.

At the end of the wonderful Truly, Madly, Deeply, part of what happens is because Jamie, dead, can no longer change, and Nina, still living, can’t stop changing. The river of life carries her away from him because he’s stopped on the shore.

As I said, I’m not done with this. I just needed to write it down.


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