Near Silence

I hate to confess this, but I have absolutely nothing to say tonight. Well, nothing that doesn’t seem unforgiveably dull to me. I expect I could still write about all those dull things (which aren’t dull to me; I just don’t see how they could be remotely interesting to anyone else). But why would I want to? What would be the point?

Which proves, in case I didn’t already know it, that I write this for an audience. If I didn’t, I’d just blather on about whatever and the heck with its potential for interesting anyone else.

That being said, I want to recommend this guest post on Kristen Nelson’s blog — it’s made me rethink some things I might have done. I don’t think I’m likely to excite the same kind of malice as the author apparently did (and innocently, too: jealousy can be a seriously ugly emotion), but one thing my interesting childhood taught me is that people can hurt you quite badly without setting out to do so. Collateral damage is as bad in its way as malicious damage. Which means I still need to protect myself.


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