Blue Hair and Ideas

I like taking the commuter bus to and from work for a lot of reasons. One of them is that it gives me a chance to people-watch as it goes from stop to stop in Boston. Just now, I saw a woman who’d dyed her hair a very pretty sea-blue. The coolest thing is that she had to be in her early 60s, and the hair she’d tinted was gray and white.

My grandmother and great-grandmother used to get their hair “blued” (which is where the term “blue-haired old ladies” comes from). I asked my great-grandmother why she did it. She said it made her hair look thicker.

That’s not why this woman colored her hair — she had buckets of hair. Instead, it looked like she was taking advantage of how pale her hair is to have some fun.

When I’m 60, that’s what I want: to have fun with myself and the world.


Last night, while I was in bed reading, I got an idea for something that will happen later in the story. It was initially an idle thought, one of those, “What if I…?” things. Corollary ideas started springing to life, so I put my book down and got out my pad and paper to write my thoughts down while I still had them in hand. The more I wrote, the more the initial idea clicked with the rest of the story. The idea is perfect, clicking with already established ideas, making part of the plan more deeply useful.

I love it when that happens. It’s like magic.

It’s the Girls, bless them one and all.


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