Things I Love

I love working in Boston — you never know what you’re going to see. This morning, I saw no parking signs taped to parking meters by Government Center. The spaces were reserved for movie vehicles. Then, tonight, when I was waiting for the bus, I saw a bunch of equipment, including a light, outside Whiskey Park, and technical people going in and out of the door. Two Boston cops in fluorescent orange raincoats stood on the curb, watching the action. I have no idea what movie is being filmed here — I’m sure I could find out if I were interested, but I don’t actually care all that much. It was just cool to see.


I think I might have mentioned that it takes me two hours, round-trip, to go to work every day. Believe it or not, that’s another reason I like working in Boston. The long commute creates a buffer zone between work and home. I can walk out of the office cranky, the way I did tonight, and by the time I get home, the crankiness is gone, dissolved by the distance I’ve traveled. (I take the bus, so I’m not dealing directly with traffic, which contributes to the restoration of my mood.) The commute also works for me because I make good use of the time, no matter what. If I keep the seat to myself, I can write. If I end up sharing, I can read. Since reading and writing are my two favorite things to do, this is completely a win.


One of the things that made me cranky is that I’m in one of those, “Wow, this is awful,” ‘this’ being the work-in-progress. I’m writing through it, because that’s all I can do. But I’m not loving the experience.

Oh well.That’s the way it goes.


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