June Miscellany

Why am I watching ‘Die Hard 2’, which features a plane exploding, when I’m flying in two weeks…and I’m already afraid of flying? The movie’s so stupid, it shouldn’t make any difference, but still…

I’m going to Washington D.C., for RWA’s National conference. The last time I went to DC for RWA’s National conference, the Concord blew up on take-off in Paris. I arrived at the hotel to footage of a plane exploding. I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen again.


Today was another busy day, though I haven’t got much done on the writing front (yet). I did three loads of laundry, went to the gym, did a little food shopping and got the chance to spend time with my sisters. That alone makes it a fabulous day.


I finished The Sixth Wife last night.  I don’t think it ‘s a keeper — I doubt I’ll re-read it — but I don’t regret spending the money on it. I thought the portrayals of Elizabeth Tudor and Jane Grey were very interesting and expect they’ll color my view of those two women going forward. It’s surprising to me how vivid those portrayals were, given how little time either woman spent on the page.

Of course, now I have no idea what I’m going to read. It’s not the book version of ’57 Channels and Nothing On’ — I don’t think any of the 500 books I have is a dud. I just don’t know which of them is next.


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