Silence is Golden

Back in October, I wrote a post about reviews. In it, I said that I had no intention of reading reviews of my own books (assuming I sell something).

Apparently over the weekend, a well-known author (whose books I have enjoyed) took public exception to a review she received. (I’m hearing about this after the fact.) I mostly understand the emotion behind what she did — I’ve had reviews that stung, that depressed me for days. And that was only on two books. I can understand cursing the reviewer and all her offspring, writing nastygrams (on paper, so they don’t get loose, or using a computer not connected to the internet), all that.

I can even understand the impulse to take one’s unhappiness public, attacking those that have hurt you. However — as many people have pointed out when discussing this — you can’t win when you’re the author. You can only make yourself look badly, and bring attention to something you might have preferred stayed hidden.

Which is yet another reason not to read reviews of my work.


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