In her blog, Ilona Andrews said, “I don’t push books very often.”

That got me thinking about my own comments about books. I hope they come across as information, pointing out something you might not have noticed otherwise, something you might enjoy. As it happens, the post that prompts this isn’t very pushy at all; it’s very much, “I love these books and I think people should know about them.”


On July 17, R.L. LaFevers wrote a post about the J.K. Rowling interview on ABC. In the post, she quotes Rowling as saying, “Some people will hate it. Because in order for some people to love it, others will have to hate it. That’s the nature of the plot.”

That really struck me, to the point I’ve been using it as something of a compass when I start to become afraid of the things I think about doing. Normally, I worry about what the whole wide world will think about whatever it is. Reading the quote made me realize that in order to write the story that the people who my readers will adore, I have to be willing to irritate, offend, bore or annoy all the people who are Not-My-Readers. I don’t know why it took that quote to get me to this place, but I’m glad it got me here. Especially since I think it’s part of the reason I wrote the stuff I love so much in the scene I’m working on.


Speaking of the scene I’m working on, I realized (for the umpteenth time) that I get hung up on transitions. I feel compelled, for no good reason I can think of, to write about people getting from the carriage to the house. I need to work on developing short, graceful descriptions that get people from place to place in a phrase or two.

What’s your particular tic or quirk? What’s the thing you feel compelled to do that you know you shouldn’t? I’m curious to find out…


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