Itchies Soothed

More often than not, when I confess to a problem (whether stating it simply, or whining about it), the solution appears right afterwards. Yesterday I moaned that I couldn’t settle down with any one of the hundreds of unread books in my possession; before I went to bed, I was sucked in to Jessica Andersen’s latest Final Prophecy novel, Skykeepers.

Jess’s website explains it a lot better, but the Final Prophecy novels are about a group of mages who are trying to stop Very Bad Things from happening when the Mayan calendar runs down on 12/21/12. Most of the mages didn’t know what they were when they were growing up; bad decisions made in the previous generation shattered the ranks of mages and forced the children of those mages into hiding. Those children: the protagonists of the series.

These are romances–the magic is powered by sex and blood, so there you go–with solid worldbuilding and a whole lot of suspense. The first one is Nightkeepers. Personally, I can’t wait to finish Skykeepers(and to start the countdown to the next one, Demonkeepers).


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