Just Because I Get Curious

The other day, just because I get curious about these kinds of things, I figured out how many words, on average, I’d written per day for the last two weeks. It came out at 900+. Writing that much had been pretty easy — the words had just poured out — so the next thing I wondered was, if I could maintain that pace, when would I finish the book? I got realistic and cut the average in half, allowing for days when I didn’t write that much, or didn’t write at all. By my calculations, I can be done by Christmas, if I can write an average of 50o words a day for the next three and a half months.

So I figure that out…and then don’t write a single word for the next two days. That’s just the way it works sometimes, and it’s also why my daily average for the last four months is just over 100 words a day.

The thing is, even though I didn’t write a word and I didn’t sit with pen and paper to map out what I’m doing next, I did  work on the story all weekend long. I’ve figured out the opening to the next scene I write, which will get me started, and I’m starting to get a handle on A) the empress’s characters; and B) the dynamic between Kerlis and the empress. (The scene is a struggle between the two of them, so this is important information to have.)

So that’s what I did this weekend.


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