Home Again, Home Again

Yesterday, the beloved and I drove to Williams College in Williamstown, MA, a round trip of 340 miles. We went because I wanted to see A Matter of Theology: Conversations with the Collection. As the press release says,

Here, art objects, originally created for various religious purposes, are placed in a new context, allowing the viewer to consider larger questions about spirituality and meaning.

The exhibition is small, but still powerful. The objects, placed together, resonate in unusual ways. I only spent about half an hour in the room, but I’m still feeling the effects.

I went to the exhibition because it’s about objects and their connection with spirituality. The stories in my imagination seem to be about faith, fairly consistently, and any information I can gather to feed that is valuable. Even if means taking a 6-hour jaunt from one side of Massachusetts to the other and back again.

But that’s not all I got out of the trip; while the beloved and I were having our very late lunch, a couple of things came together related to a story I have on the back burner. One of the things I’d struggled with when writing that story was the setting, particularly the setting in the early part of the story. Yesterday, in Williamsport, I figured it out.

Life is good.


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